Hip, Health, Hope, and Housing

  • Will millionaire manufactured home owner Kid Rock make manufactured housing hip for the masses?
  • Hip, Health, Hope, and Housing – Kid Rock, Rev. Donald Tye ,Jr. and related news.

    Actively-retired black minister, addiction counselor, and businessman Donald Tye Jr. explained to MHLivingNews the connections between respect, home ownership, hope, and economic advancement. 

    It was in that context that publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach says he first watched Kid Rock’s new music video, Po-Dunk

    HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, has spoken about the health and housing connection. Carson notes the average home owner has $200,000 net worth. Typical renters? $5,000. 

    Kid Rock’s net worth is reportedly some $80 million. He sold a mansion. He owns a multi-sectional manufactured home – which alongside his Rolls Royce, and jet – are featured in Po-Dunk

    Rock – a.k.a. Robert James Ritchie – uses salty language and imagery in Po-Dunk

    The video juxtaposes a pig with the grimy faces of poor whites and blacks. “My English professor would be impressed with the literary devices, and powerful storytelling,” said trade publisher Kovach. 

    “The video depicts the ‘grungy poor’ in Kid Rock’s video as Bible-loving, flag-waving, gun-toting, honky-tonkin’ Americans. In the background are older rustic houses, and older single-section manufactured homes,” Kovach said Tye explained. 

    Tye and Kovach recently issued a joint statement of hope and healing that condemned racism. 

    Tye explained to Kovach that Po-Dunk celebrates those workers that make America gritty, and great. 

    Tye raised his family in a factory-built home purchased in the early 1970s. It’s in a mixed neighborhood, with conventional houses. Dozens of each type of housing appreciated side-by-side. Per Zillow, Tye states that their home is worth some 400% of its original selling price. 

    “Reverend Tye asked my wife and I over breakfast, “what can someone earning $15 hourly afford to buy? A manufactured home,” he stated.”  The minister calls himself a manufactured home advocate, and hopes that Kid Rock will elevate the growing needs through his potential campaign.  

    Old racial stereotypes of blacks, Tye says, are as foolish as calling a manufactured home “the t-word.” Each prejudice are readily disproven. 

    Tye says high-rise “warehousing tenements” cost taxpayers; yielding drugs, and despair. 

    By contrast, the actively retired minister says homeowners pay taxes, “have hope, integrity.”  He says it’s the obvious solution to the growing affordable housing crisis. Billionaries are among those who own a manufactured home of their own. 

    Mansions, millionaire, muddy Americans. Will Kid Rock’s looming U.S. Senate run elevate manufactured homes, making their owners hip? That’s what the report on MHLivingNews explores, see the Po-Dunk video and report at this link here. ## 

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    NLIHC CEO Yentel, MHARR CEO Weiss, Black Minister React to new HUD

  • “As we think about housing in today’s world, the most important aspect should start with affordability. When home ownership is affordable, it has ancillary benefits,” said Rev. Donald Tye, Jr. to MHProNews.com.
  • National Low Income Housing Coalition CEO Diane Yentel, MHARR CEO Mark Weiss, Black Minister Rev Donald Tye, Jr. React to new HUD “Worst Case Housing” Needs Report, and comments by HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson.

    The number of households experiencing this “worst case housing” has increased by 41% since 2007 and by 66% since 2001. We are experiencing an affordable housing crisis of unprecedented proportions,” says a release from Diane Yentel, President and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC).

    Yentel thinks that Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, is only partially correct in believing that public-private partnerships and relaxed regulations could fulfill the needs for more affordable rental housing.

    She said, “While fewer regulatory barriers to housing production would help in high cost markets where the rental supply is tight, the private market will never provide sufficient housing for the lowest income households.”

    Yentel wants the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) for higher wage earners to be changed, so that those dollars could pay for more federal housing programs.

    Other Options?

    Actively retired minister and businessman, Donald Tye, Jr., has a different perspective.  He wants to see ownership as the paradigm, not rental housing.

    He also points to an often overlooked option.

    As we think about housing in today’s world, the most important aspect should start with affordability.
    When home ownership is affordable, it has ancillary benefits
    ,” Rev. Tye said to MHProNews.

    Ownership builds character, competence, and integrity,” Tye said.

    One thing that is completely missed by politicians and prejudice towards manufactured housing is the tax benefit.”

    Tye and his wife raised their family in a factory-built home that was affordable. They paid it off completely in just a few years.  The home they bought in the early 1970s, located in a Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood, is now worth about 4 times its original price, per Zillow

    Other homes like Tye’s were installed next to conventional housing, which also appreciated.

    What kind of home can someone buy today with low wages?  A manufactured home,” Tye states. 

    Aware of the prejudice and bigotry toward manufactured housing, Tye sees parallels to what happened in the civil rights movement. 

    He believes their own experience disproves the common misconceptions.  It’s as important to accept manufactured homes into neighborhoods where available buildable lots exist, as it was to accept blacks into previously all white neighborhoods. 

    There goes the neighborhood,” says Tye “was a fallacy with respect to the integration of people years ago, as it is with respect to the integration of housing types” today. 

    Third-party, university-level research bears out his belief.

    Affordable homeownership builds equity instead of rental receipts, he argues.  And in time, as homes are paid off, working and middle-class Americans can afford more than they could achieve by just renting.

    Plus, Tye stresses, instead of being a tax burden, that household becomes a tax benefit to the community.

    Stars like millionaire performer Kid Rock, notes Tye, have celebrated their own manufactured home. Recent reports of billionaires who own single-section manufactured homes as a getaway may also help change outdated and flawed perceptions.

    HUD Secretary Carson

    Secretary Carson has said several times in recent weeks that home owners have an average net worth of some $200,000.  Renting households?  They only have a $5,000 average net worth, Carson said.

    While Carson has spoken favorably about manufactured homes in rural areas, he has not yet publicly commented on their use in urban settings. Yet it is his agency that has jurisdiction over federally regulated manufactured housing.

    That is something Tye and others wants to see Carson address.  More important, he wants to see that option become more available in urban and suburban settings.

    Industry CEO Weighs In

    There are steps that HUD could take today to increase the availability of safe, decent and affordable housing for American families without spending a dime of taxpayer money,” said Mark Weiss, JD.

    Weiss is the president and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), which like the NLIHC, is based in Washington, D.C.

    Studies undertaken by HUD itself, show that HUD regulated manufactured housing is the nation’s most affordable housing, surpassing even rentals” in affordability, Weiss told MHProNews.

    Weiss wants to see manufactured homes fully incorporated into HUD’s programs.  He also wants to see existing law applied. President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have both broadly said that they will “enforce the law,” and are in the “promise keeping business.”

    What Weiss wants is for precisely that to happen for manufactured housing, so that millions more can be served. Over time, that would reduce costs to taxpayers.

    Weiss laid out his bullets as follows.

    By more fully:

    • incorporating manufactured housing into all of HUD’s housing programs;
    • by advancing and facilitating the acceptance of manufactured housing within HUD and by government at all levels, as already required by law;
    • by eliminating unnecessary and non-cost-effective federal regulation; by preventing the discriminatory exclusion of manufactured housing by rogue jurisdictions, using powers already provided by existing law, and, most importantly:
    • by putting the HUD manufactured housing program under the direction of a qualified appointee, as provided by law,

    HUD could elevate and reinvigorate an existing public – private sector program capable of providing inherently affordable housing for millions of Americans at virtually no cost.”

    The full report by Soheyla Kovach on MHProNews.com is available at this link here. ##

    (Photo caption: home in the photo is an Energy Star ™ rated manufactured home built by Sunshine Homes, Red Bay, AL. Other credits are as shown in the photo collage.)

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    “Po-Dunk” Performer, Millionaire Kid Rock Eyes Senate Run, Loves his Manufactured Home

  • “Love us if you can, sorry if you can’t.” – Kid Rock.
  • “I’m a very impatient person. It comes delivered to the door in two weeks. You can customize a few things in there as you go along. You can put a cool wrap on it. I wrapped mine in mossy oak. Very easy to clean. Simplicity at its finest,” Kid Rock told Dan Rather on his show called “The Big Interview,” as he described the manufactured home that he loves.

    You see a lot of people in my business,” Kid Rock said. “You go to these houses and I go where do you start in this thing? Like, how many times do you use the movie theater? I’ve built one. I maybe went in there once.

    Since announcing his interest in the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), performer Kid Rock has released two music videos.

    In “Po-Dunk,” Kid Rockspotlights his own manufactured home, with his Rolls Royce parked in front.

    That same video features the “po” – poor – who are often misunderstood and forgotten today.  In the background of those Bible-loving, flag-waving, gun-toting, hard-working citizens, the video depicts some as living in older manufactured homes.

    Interestingly, the New York Times said that many manufactured home owners tilted toward Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign.  MHLivingNews surveyed signage posted in an upscale manufactured home community during the campaign last year, and that indicator also favored America’s 45th president.

    Kid Rock, whose given name is Robert James Ritchie, is a country-rock-rap artist worth an estimated $80 million. He’s a President Trump supporter, and sells Trump gear on his website. 

    In many ways, they’re both targeting the frustrated, and forgotten. 

    Rock’s Po-Dunk video show blacks and whites, often depicted as dirty. Clips juxtapose them with a pig. As an English professor might opine, that’s a storytelling method.

    Love us if you can, sorry if you can’t,” says a verse in Rock’s lyrics in the video.

    Early Polling

    Early polling in the campaign is split. Some show Rock up, another survey reflects a Stabenow lead. He leads potential GOP rivals by double-digits. Prior to a formal announcement – which the entertainer says could happen at a press conference in about 6 weeks – he’s planning voter registration at his events. He

    I was beyond overwhelmed with the response I received from community leaders, D.C. pundits, and blue-collar folks that are just simply tired of the extreme left and right bulls**t,” the singer said.

    Several factory-built home professionals believe that Kid Rock could mobilize the hundreds of thousands of manufactured home voters in his state.

    He would be an ally for those who advocate for respect for manufactured homes, and those who choose that lifestyle if he wanted to be,” said the actively retired businessman and minister, Donald Tye, Jr.

    A new report looks at how Kid Rock’s video and candidacy could impact the need for – and acceptance of – manufactured homes.  As the affordable housing crisis spreads, manufactured homes are the solution that’s hiding in plain sight. When millionaires like Kid Rock embrace them, as do the lower and middle incomes, isn’t it time for public officials to take a good look?  There are also more details on reactions to his candidacy – all part of a report by Julia Granowicz on MHLivingNews, linked here. ##


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    Manufactured Housing Institute Lobbying Clouded by New Controversy

  • “Pay more attention to what people do than what they say,”

    – MHI award-winner, Marty Lavin

  • Manufactured Housing Institute Lobbying Clouded by New Controversy

    The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) has created its own controversy, on the eve of their much ballyhooed “Legislative Fly-In” for lobbying members of Congress in Washington, D.C.  

    Two of that manufactured home industry trade association’s senior staffers were allegedly involuntarily terminated, days prior to their event, as was first reported by the Daily Business News, at this link here.

    The Arlington, VA based trade group has removed the names of former Vice Presidents Lois Starkey, and Tom Heinemann from their staff roster, but would not answer questions as to the cause of the two departures.

    While the MHI Executive Committee members presumably know, queries to several other MHI board members and state association executives revealed that many were in the dark about the staff changes.  “I don’t know. If so, I didn’t hear. If I hear something, I will let you know,” read one email to MHProNews.

    I have not heard. As long as she’s [Lois Starkey] been there I can’t see her quitting without sending some communication out. Obviously, she was rushed out regardless,” said another message.

    Sources suggested to MHProNews.com that Lesli Gooch – Senior VP, a Ph.D. and failed Republican candidate for Congress – demanded and got the two former MHI vice presidents’ terminations.

    There was also friction reported between MHI President, Richard A. Jennison, and VP Starkey.

    Starkey was involved in the more technical side of the federally regulated HUD Code for manufactured housing. Sources say that while work-arounds are possible, not having that kind of experience on staff for a technical role is troubling.

    Starkey also is said to have had perhaps the most total tenure with MHI, outside of their educational affiliate. 

    Some of the current VPs have only 1 to 3 years with the association.  Their president, Richard A. “Dick” Jennison, has just over 5 years with MHI. 

    Comparing those tenures to manufactured housing industry state associations, or the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), places MHI senior staff among the least experienced association people in the industry.

    Terminations – Signaling an MHI Pivot Regarding HUD? 

    Sources are also saying that under growing pressure from grassroots elements of the industry, that MHI might be relenting on asking the Trump Administration for a new administrator over the HUD’s Manufactured Housing Program.  HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson would be the agency’s top person over that department. The manufactured housing program is currently led by Pamela Beck Danner, JD.

    Commenting on Starkey, one source told MHProNews that “She [Lois] and Pamela Danner appeared to be tight. Pamela always went straight to her at any event and would generally see them leaving to go have dinner together.”

    Several industry voices have been calling for a change at the leadership of the HUD Code manufactured home program, including an MHI award-winning retailer, Doug Gorman.

    Mark Weiss, President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), MHProNews editorially, and even voices from within MHI have called for a new program administrator to replace Danner, as part of a necessary changes the industry is seeking at HUD.

    MHARR has accused HUD of being out of compliance with federal law on several issues. MHARR’s leadership has also said that MHI ‘goes along to get along’ with HUD, which hurts independent producers, perhaps to the indirect benefit of larger ones.  That Washington, D.C. based trade rival to MHI says that while they are representing HUD Code manufactured home producers, the harm being done applies to communities, retailers, suppliers, and all those who want to see the industry grow more rapidly.

    One rumor is that Starkey – who has some history with Danner – and Heinemann, who was formerly with HUD – were in part being swept away to make room for a shift on MHI policy regarding keeping or replacing Danner.  That could not be confirmed, as of publication time.

    The Fly-In Agenda’s Featured Focus Itself is Doubtful

    MHProNews has previously reported that third party research reveals that MHI’s plan for reforming Dodd-Frank is unlikely to pass. Their bill, dubbed Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing, has been through 3 prior congressional cycles, having failed to pass it each time. The most recent reports on that topic, are linked here and here.

    For the report on the two MHI terminations, along with related controversies at MHI, click the link here.

    For commentary on this incident, framed in the context of the need to reform the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), click here.

    For MHARR’s position on their call to replace Danner, click this link here. ##

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    Trade Publisher Questions ‘PC Administrations,’ Calls DOJ to Investigate Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) for Anti-Trust Allegations

  • “You would never see the NAHB, or another national trade association do,” something like that… – Titus Dare, SVP, Eagle One Financial.
  • In a report and analysis by European educated Iranian-American, Soheyla Kovach, the co-founder of MHLivingNews.com and MHProNews.com takes a surprising swipe at what she sees as politically correct presidential administrations of both major parties, along with her industry’s largest national trade body, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). 

    Kovach lays out her 15 bullets case for the need to “drain the swamp” in Washington among Democratic and Republican leaders, who she states put special-interests ahead of the good of most Americans. 

    She also alleges a variety of actions and inactions by MHI that contributed to the consolidation or closing of thousands of independent operations. 

    Kovach takes aim at Keith Olbermann, who used the pejorative “trailer park trash,” which MHI remained mute on, but which the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) strenuously objected to immediately. 

    She carefully avoids disparaging everyone at MHI, and notes that most of their members and thousands of non-member independents are good, honest business professionals. She also notes that others in the industry – including MHI members – have raised similar concerns, as has Doug Ryan with consumer advocacy group, CFED

    Kovach cites Frank Rolfe calling out MHI’s “hypocrisy,” and notes that Rolfe pointed out how the prior MHI chairman was being sued by his own customers.  

    While using the phrase, “allegation,” she documents and links numerous concerns, including a claim that a number of attorneys they contacted about MHI practices thought there could be grounds for a RICO and other legal suits. 

    She states that 1.5 million jobs could be created in about 5 years, by following existing law, citing the need for the Trump Administration to fully implement Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000. 

    Kovach’s blunt, colorful, fact-laced 15 point analysis is linked here.  ##

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    Saving kenya from the jaws of corruption.

  • We are faced with the urgency of today.
  • Summary:All is possible if we speak and act in love like brothers.

    Kenya is a great country, adorned with many uncountable gifts, talents and blessings from God and bestowed to its wonderful people who speak diverse languages and who are all united in love as one community of Kenyan.

    But to many, time has stood still, having lost hope for a better future and having no meaning for life ahead due to various social injustices plaguing our country. Parliament manifests the diversity of the nation, represents the will of the people and exercises their sovereignty. It has the obligation and mandate to protect its people and to uphold the constitution. It has at all times, by words promised to do so but has failed to keep its promises. Our national &local assemblies, and all arms of our government have for sure let the people they represent down. They have become broken institutions punishing the poor while rewarding the rich law breakers. They have become assemblies of corruption and vices. Many bills are aimed at serving and protecting our leaders and illegally sucking as much as possible from the poor tax payers. They have neglected their duties. They are feeding and fattening some few chosen while those who get milked are neglected to the point of not able to feed their young ones. They are blackmailing institutions and efforts to fight corruption and other vices, and worse, they are corruption themselves; they breath, eat, drink, sleep, shower and drive corruption. That is their day to day dreams and endeavors. No integrity, honesty, accountability. They make laws and set their penalties but when they are caught by those laws, they remind us they are above them since, and I quote, “SISI NDIO TUNATENGENEZA SHERIA NA TUNA UHURU WA KUZIVUNJA.’’For the laws they make to have meaning, they should hold themselves to the highest standard of conduct and be good role models.

    Though we are crying and begging for a change from our leaders, there is no strong and genuine, political, legal, moral, spiritual and brotherly will to fight the vices. It is grabbing and pushing for self. None is caring for the other and worse, those who are trusted with our lives. All what they do when we cry is carry out endless and costly investigations that leads to nowhere and end up wasting more money than being investigated. All turns into cold cases and the cycle of theft starts again.

     One of the greatest casualties of war is the great and innocent society, shot down on the battlefield of corruption, tribalism, graft, nepotism, patronage, bribery, unemployment. Yes, we have been fighting in this battlefield for long enough, we have cried, mourned, begged, demanded, demonstrated, written articles seen tough-no nonsense talks which works and lasts as long as the live speech. As casualties, we say enough is enough and we are ready to take the bulls by their horns however sharp they are. We are longing, yearning and yawning for this change and it has to come from us. Nobody is going to sweep and clean our house. Nobody is going to replace that leaking roof, nobody is going to repair that broken door. It’s our responsibility to come together, repair our house starting with the foundation and make it stand firm, strong and great again.

    Distinguished, powerful and well respected world leaders will come, lecture and dictate for change but they can do so much to help. We are the only ones who hold the keys and can unlock the change we want. We are the ones who can only arm our morals, our minds, hearts and fight this war. Morals cannot be imported.

    Lets then empower ourselves with the weapon of love, peace and unity and set laws that will take care of all social injustices plaguing our nation/government. Laws that will bar all those involved in corruption from seeking public offices, laws that will take care of their salaries (have the second highest paid lawmakers in the world and the number one unproductive in the world), laws that will hold and deal with corruption as corruption and not as normal life behavior, laws that will hold all accountable of their actions regardless of their political or social affiliation. Laws that will protect and value all people regardless of their political, religion and or region affiliation, laws that will take care of public money and properties and laws that will protect and put the interests and welfare of our nation ahead of interests of any individual.

    It’s our house and our office. We are the employer and we should take the employers’ mantle seriously and put our house and office in order. Time is now to take decisive action before we employ them and shape our future.

    For more information, please visit www.ndio42tunaweza.organd and let’s positively shape our dear nation with the right values and morals.


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    Company Name: haki
    Contact Person: Nicholas Rafael
    Email: tuiombeehakinchini@yahoo.com
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    Address: P.O.Box 75704
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    State: WA

    Country: United States
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    President Elect Trump should Invite Russia’s Vladimir Putin to his Inauguration

  • President Elect Donald Trump has surprised the Pundits of Political Science by ignoring the CIA and post Cold War with Russia, to make America Great Again-Vikram Bajwa
  • Summary:Vancouver BC. Canada. IWC. President Elect Donald Trump has set aside all bets on nominating his Secretary of State, selection EXXON Chief Rex Tillerson, setting great standards of cooperation between the two Super Powers USA and Russia.

    Vancouver BC. Canada. IWC. President Elect Donald Trump has set aside all bets on nominating his Secretary of State, selection EXXON Chief Rex Tillerson, setting great standards of cooperation between the two Super Powers USA and Russia.

    Many Americans oppose the thought of Peace with Russia, after the Cold War and especially the CIA, reporting on Russia Hacking of the Democratic National Committee, including Presidential Elections. Trump Transition team did a Coup, when President Elect Donald Trump announced the name of Rex Tillerson. His name not only shook the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, but the Corporate World of Oil.

    ” Time has come that President Elect should formally invite Russia President Vladimir Putin to his Inaugural ceremony, including the Inaugural Ball, slated in Washington DC., on Janauary 20, 2017″ said Vikram Bajwa. Both Russia and USA can be a source of development in the World and end the Syrian war, establish Palestine and Israel peace accord, feels Republican Dr. Amar Grewal.

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: India West Canada
    Contact Person: Sharan Gill
    Email: indiawestcanada1@gmail.com
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    Five Years Post Iraq War’s Official End, a New York Community Is Still Healing

  • The Iraq War had unexpected blowbacks in our own land.”
  • Summary:Te Iraq War continues to have an impact on the French-American community of New York

    NEW YORK – As the Iraq War’s official end on December 18, 2011 marks its fifth anniversary, many questions remain on its fallouts. New York’s French-American community is one of them, as it remembers its blacklisting when France opted out of attacking Iraq.

    Choosing diplomatic pressure rather than “shock and awe” ignited fury for many in New York. The call for anti-French boycotts resonated in tabloids as pictures of New Yorkers spilling wines in gutters vied with accusations of an ally’s betrayal and cowardice. Information can be found by googling “New York’s French boycotts and Iraq,” and “Freedom fries.”

    How effective were the boycotts? “Very much so, even devastating,” says French consulate’s official physician and mental health coordinator at the time, Gérard Sunnen, MD, “the French-American community of New York was stunned by their virulence. Why, many wondered, did they materialize only in New York, in striking contrast to the rest of the country?”

    “Targeted were all manner of French-American businesses, from Air France to bakeries, as rosters of marked companies circulated widely. Earliest felled were restaurants, whose sales plummeted by as much as half. Like dominoes, they closed their doors, dismissing their workers. Called by many the “consulate’s darkest hour,” it went on for weeks, interminable months, and still resonates today.”   

    “As layoffs mounted,” Dr. Sunnen added, “so did their mental health consequences, from all manner of stress reactions to self-destructive depressions. And workers suddenly out of work could not find employment because no one would take them. The consulate’s social services department work load soared to levels never attained before.”

    Faced with this onslaught, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) was repeatedly contacted to lend the community its medical and mental health assistance. In addition, New York sate and city top officials were insistently asked to add their voice to call off the boycotts. All appeals remained unanswered and, for reasons of non-assistance and abandonment of responsibility, this matter was eventually reported and filed in New York and Federal courts. 

    Dr. Sunnen, who also cites his experience as a U.S. veteran, concludes, “history needs constant reckoning, otherwise it remains a fable. These events are now brought to light so that long-term allies can better understand the meaning of their relationship.”


    Gérard Sunnen, MD, www.triroc.com/sunnen

    Supreme Court, State of New York, No. 102194/2012

    U.S. District Court, Southern District of NY 12 Civ. 3417

    U.S. Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 13-465cv

    U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) 1:13-cv-1242   

    New York State Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR) No. 10181422

    National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) No. DCA96MA070

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Gerard Sunnen, MD
    Contact Person: Gerard Sunnen, MD
    Email: gsunnen@aol.com
    Phone No: 1-212-6790679
    Address: 200 East 33rd Street, Suite 26J
    City: New York
    State: NY 10016
    Country: United States

    Website Url: www.triroc.com/sunnen

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    Modi’s Demonetization to be Honored by NRI’s on Parvasi Divas in Bangalore

  • India’s Prime Minister Narender Modi, has undone the Black Cash Economy of India, despite odds in the Political and Business system of India.
  • Summary:BC Peoples Party president Vikram Bajwa. “Modi had promised us in Vancouver, he will open doors for NRI investments in India”, he kept his promise, said Bajwa.

    Vancouver BC Canada. Sharan Dhillon. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be honored at Parvasi Divas, on January 7, 2017, for his bold steps to curb India’s $250 Billion Black market in Real Estate and Politics, said BC Peoples Party president Vikram Bajwa. “Modi had promised us in Vancouver, he will open doors for NRI investments in India”, he kept his promise, said Bajwa.

    Ever since India’s Lok Sabha elections in 2014 Narendra Modi has extensively researched the US and Canadian economies, the strength of credit system, versus Cash System, including the Transparency in Economic policies. India opposition party Indian National Congress, suffered huge losses in the tune of 12 Lakh Rupees, as claimed by  BJP President Amit Shah. Similarly regionals State parties heading for Elections will suffer the Cash crunch, under the new policy of Demonetization of 500 and 1,000 rupee bills. Punjab’s Akali Dal, AAP and Uttar Pradesh BSP and Samajwadi Party have been targeted, under the NDA plan of Currency laws. This Demonetization is the game changer in Punjab, UP and Gujarat.

    Rahul Gandhi of India’s Congress party and Arvind Kejriwal of AAP, have joined forces to counter Modi in Lok Sabha, but 8 Million NRI’s of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Malaysia and S.Africa have declared Modi as the winner and an honest Prime Minister , since India’s Independence in 1947.

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: BCPP
    Contact Person: Vikram Bajwa
    Email: vbajwa11@hotmail.com
    Phone No: 778-708-8711
    Address: 12862 54 A Ave
    City: Surrey
    State: BC
    Country: Canada

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    Marijuana: To legalize or not, that is the question.

  • Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine and the DPH conspired to coverup for the AG the killing of a Trooper.
  • Summary:How a corrupt medical marijuana program killed a Massachusetts State Trooper and destroyed a Physician’s life.

    How Medical marijuana and a corrupt government killed a Massachusetts State Trooper and destroyed a Physician and her family’s life.

    The collusion of theMassachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine and the Massachusetts DPH and AG responsible for a State Troopers death and the destruction of a Physicians’ life.

    — Pastor Rob Munro

    BOSTON, MASSASHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2016/ — Marijuana, to legalize you need governmental support.

    Marijuana Legalization: The Humanitarian Church’s perspective and how Medical Marijuana destroyed a physicians career, business, family, future and nearly killed her.

    Marijuana legalization, why it may not be time. A Pastors’ perspective and a Physicians life ruined and how they were nearly killed.


    Standing up for what is right will cost you your life but if you don’t your life will not be worth living.

    How the State of Massachusetts will persecute and wrongly prosecute anyone who goes against their position regardless of the voters will of legalizing marijuana as evidenced by their actions to date in the Medical Marijuana Program and as further proven by the death of State Trooper Clardy and the destruction of Dr. Downey and her family’s life, business and future.

    My name is Robert Munro. In addition to being the Co-Founder of MD Medical Spa and Wellness Center, the MD standing for Munro/Downey, I am the Pastor of the Humanitarian Church and owner of the Humanitarian Companies.

    Dr. Katherine Downey, my significant other and partner, Kate, were chased through Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, back through New Hampshire into Vermont then back to Massachusetts before fleeing to the midwest and ultimately to Washington D.C. while avoiding 13 attempts against our lives all for being in Medical Marijuana Business in Massachusetts, and reporting how a fraudulent business contributed to a Massachusetts’ State Troopers death. Had we known the State of Massachusetts was responsible for the Troopers’ death we still would have reported it but would have taken precautions first.

    Who would suspect that a Governor, an Attorney General, the Director of the DPH and the Chairperwoman of BORIM would have colluded to help a fraudulent business?

    The reason I am sharing this with you is to inform the public about the issues in regards to supporting the legalization of marijuana in the commonwealth and the difficulties therein.

    First and foremost, unless Government supports the legislation they will act in opposition to the voters will as proven by the DPH and the Board of Medicine and the Governor of Massachusetts and their actions against, Dr. Downey, MD Medical and me and the tragedy that led to Trooper Clardy’s death.

    The Department of Public Health was informed of the fraudulent operations of CannaCare by Dr. Downey, a mandatory reporter and by the local news media yet they turned a blind eye to it because the illegal CannaCare operation was supplying fraudulent patients to the program whose fees provided over $2.5 million in annual revenue to the DPH and a bevy of patients to inure business into wanting to open dispensaries. If the DPH, The Board of Registration in Medicine and the Attorney General had met their responsibilities as it relates to overseeing the program as outlined by their own guidelines, Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Clardy would likely still be alive and Dr. Downey would still have her wonderful life.

    As such even if the legislation passes, you can be assured that wrongful prosecution and persecution from the state will continue as evidenced by their actions within the MMJ program to date. One such possibility of wrongful protection you will see will be an increase in OUI arrests. Marijuana stays in your system for 30 days and will show up in the mandated blood test if their is an injury associated with an accident and if you refuse the test you will loose your right to operate a vehicle for a year.

    This you can be assured of happening on a large scale because the attorney general opposes legalization. Additionally, schools and businesses that do not support the legalization will ostracize users.

    And as it turns out, Marijuana in the State of Massachusetts is already illegally legalized by the state through the corrupt MMJ program. For a couple of hundred dollars and a few minutes of your time regardless of a medical condition being confirmed or diagnosed, CannaCare and the State of Massachusetts will license you for the use and you too can be a drug dealer legally.

    Furthermore, MMJ along with other pharmaceuticals are not needed because 80% of the chronic illnesses in our country are directly related to diet and lifestyle and MMJ and pharmaceuticals treat the symptoms of illness and disease but all you have to do to avoid symptomatic treatment and cure or stop the progression and in many cases reverse the 80% of the illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Altheimer’s, Parkinson’s and 70% of Cancers is to switch to the Whole Foods Plant Based Diet as supported by many physicians today.

    So, Kate and I have lost our lives, our business, our family and home but what I have found is spirituality and if you want to know how to cure yourself of disease and not be reliant on medicine and extend your life please email me at thehumanitarianchurch@gmail.com or you can visit our website at www.thehumanitarianchurch.org and learn about it there.

    So, if we can change the outcome of your health outlook and that of your families then maybe our sacrifice will not be in vain. Imagine living without the fear of illness and disease and living 20-30 years longer than expected as a healthy productive member of society. Please consider this so that our losses have some benefit.


    Company Name: The Humanitarian Church
    Full Name: Pastor Rob Munro
    Phone: 781-264-3053
    Email Address: thehumanitarianchurch@gmail.com
    Website: www.thehumanitarianchurch.org

    Pastor Rob Munro
    The Humanitarian Church
    email us here

    Tragic loss of a Troopers life and a Physicians career.


    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: The Humanitarian Church
    Contact Person: Pastor Rob Munro
    Address: 19 Washington Street
    City: Norwell
    State: Massachusetts
    Phone No: 781-264-3053
    Email: thehumanitarianchurch@gmail.com
    Website Url: www.thehumanitarianchurch.org

    Source: www.PRExhibition.com