How to Start the New Year Free of Bad Habits and Addictions with NEW START Strategy

  • Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you will be right!
  • Summary:How to Stop Smoking & Addictions for 2018 with a NEW START Strategy

    Most Americans celebrate their freedom to choose some form of bondage. We can do better and in 2018, let’s have real freedom!

    Freedom is priceless—let’s not accept substitutes, like freedom from pain while enslaved by drugs that relieve pain which often comes from some food or drink that we could live without. Drugs only cure symptoms and often perpetuate a bad-habit lifestyle.

     At the core of any addiction are physiologic principles that can help us as millions who have already quit. NEW START is an acronym for Nutrition, Exercise, Water,
    Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in Nature and God.

    Timing is important. Start your break for freedom on Thursday evening, December 28. Have a light early supper and go for a long walk. Take some deep breaths and think of your choice to quit and if you believe in God ask Him to help you. This even works for some who aren’t sure!

    Take a warmish hot soak in the tub to relax muscle tension and take an herbal sleep aid if you anticipate trouble sleeping. Good sleep is a key to a good start for Friday and set the alarm 20 minutes early.

    In the morning, take a 5-min fresh air walk, and 10 min for a hot shower, but cut the hot water off first for 10-20 seconds of cold as you rub your body with a cold wash cloth!

    This will wake your body up without caffeine that Dr. Pavlov said is ‘bad-habit glue.’ We need to break all addictions, not just our worst one. They will drop off easier with no caffeine that triggers a craving for smoke or drink and for this first day we want to skip breakfast that triggers craving for a smoke. Your willpower will be stronger without food in your stomach.

    The craving for any addiction is physiologic and it can be helped stalling it off with the following strategy every time you get the urge or craving.

    #1. Repeat your choice—I have chosen not to (smoke/drink)this day. Snap a rubber band on your wrist to associate urge and pain

    #2. Take 5 deep breaths, sucking the air in till you can’t get any more and keep doing it for 5 seconds, squeeze it all out till you can’t get any more out and hold it for 5 seconds. Do it 5 times.

    #3. Take 5 ounces of water (full mouth) — think of it as flushing nicotine or other drugs out of your kidneys to cleanse the blood.

    #4. Take a 5 minute walk around the block or to the corner.
    The fresh air, sunlight and exercise will help cut the craving.

    #5. Ask God as you believe in Him to take the urge away. Call a spouse or buddy who is sympathetic with your quitting (not your drinking partner or someone with the habit.)

    Do these five things every time you get the urge which will peak on the third day and you will be over the hump by day 4 or 5.

    It is best to fast with no food the first day. Eat fresh fruit to help the body initiate the cleansing process on the 2nd day.

    The third day, have a good breakfast with fruit, whole grain cereal or toast. Avoid fried foods, meat and any spicy foods.

    Avoid the easy chair where you usually sit to enjoy a smoke. Think of everything you do as part of your strategy for quitting.  If your buddies have the habit you are quitting, avoid them for now until you get stabilized in your new habit of non-usage, etc.

    Think of 5 things every day to thank God for—including your freedom from addictions and natural remedies for NEW START Be cautious about everything related to your former habits, even if it means making new friends and leaving some behind. Read this online chapter that supports your new habits and choices.

    Dr. Richard Ruhling is a physician who has helped g=hundreds to quit. Please share this article or YouTube link on quitting with friends who may appreciate it.  He offers more information on NEW START at

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    NBC Reports 50 Workers Fired For Refusing Flu Shot In Spite Of “Ineffective” Data

  • “An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of no-cure pharmaceuticals” Dr. Richard Ruhling
  • Flu shots are ineffective; boosting the body’s defenses is a key to prevention.

    “Why not sue the hospital?” asks Dr. Richard Ruhling, a retired physician whose 40-year practice of medicine was not inhibited by his getting the flu, with one exception.

    Ruhling also has a Masters Degree in Public Health and understands epidemiology most winters when people’s immunity is low from the holidays’ high sugar intake because it reduces the phagocytic index of the white blood cells. The while cells prefer sugar and get lazy, so they won’t eat the germs.

    Rather than cake and ice cream, we should be eating oranges and grapefruits that have Vitamin C, and recent evidence suggests Vitamin D is also more important than flu shots.

    Working in Emergency Room one evening, Ruhling noted the onset of a scratchy throat, general achiness and feeling of a chill with a runny nose. His temperature was normal.

    Recalling microbiology class, and how viruses may be arrested or killed better with fever, Ruhling took a break and filled a tub with water as hot as he could stand.

    Immersing himself for 20 minutes, he got his temperature up to 102.5 He sat up, and as the water was draining from the tub, he poured cold water over himself because he was taught that a contrast of hot and cold can double the white blood count—twice as many soldier cells to fight the germs.

    Ruhling ate no supper. He would have taken some Vitamin C if he had it, but he felt well enough to finish seeing ER patients and at 11 PM, Ruhling thought the bath had helped him, so he took another one. In the morning, his symptoms were gone; the flu was aborted.

    In retrospect, Ruhling remembered that a Phys. Ed. Teacher told him in high school to end his hot shower with cold to stimulate immunity.

    A leading health website lists many articles questioning the efficacy of flu shots. An overview of a “Flu Shot” search on might daunt anyone’s wish for a flu shot. Dr. Joseph Mercola is a physician who understands the dangers of medical care. Here’s a sample…

    Vitamin D deficiency may actually be a major cause of influenza. If one is severely vitamin D deficient, vitamin D supplements may be 10 times more effective than flu vaccine. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin but maybe by mid-winter, Vitamin D storage in the body is depleted. Congress yields to pharmaceutical pressure to restrict vitamins while their drugs are a leading cause of illness and death due to adverse reacations. JAMA, 4-15-1998; Archives of Internal Medicine, Sep 10, 2007, p 1752.

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed between 2005 and 2015, The influenza vaccine was less than 50% effective more than half of the time; During the 2015/2016 flu season, FluMist, the live virus nasal spray, had a failure rate of 97%.

    If it was 100% effective half the time, that would mean that half the people vaccinated got the flu. To say it was 50% effective half the time, suggests that it was 25% effective while 75% of those who were vaccinated got the flu. But it’s effectiveness was “less” and they aren’t saying or admitting how bad it is. And for the FluMist, nearly all who got it also got the flu—could we dare say they got it because they took the mist?

    Skip the goodies. Thanking God for oranges is not just for Thanksgiving–Dr. Selye, father of the modern stress theory said gratitude is the most healing of all emotions. Take a sun bath—you’ll have far less risk this flu season!

    Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author and speaker with more information to get a NEW START for the New Year at


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    US Police State Over Vaccinations; New HHS Czar Favors Pharma

  • “Nature heals…Let your food be your medicine.” Hippocrates, Father of Medicine
  • We are losing our freedom over healthcare issues.

    California Mother Harassed by Police Asking If Her Children Were Vaccinated made headlines as President Trump appointed pro-vaccine, big pharma executive to head HHS

    Dr. Ben Carson said Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery; Dr. Richard Ruhling says our loss of freedom is becoming clear. He is a retired physician who cites a YouTube pediatrician– “Autism…No vaccines, no autism”

    The video has huge epidemiologic implications that should be enough evidence to stop mercury inclusion in vaccines as a preservative in multi-dose vials. Ruhling thinks It’s difficult to get good information because the CDC owns the patents and profits from some of the vaccines.

    Even if people didn’t know the above information, they should oppose the loss of our freedom to choose what’s best for our children—since when did the state own them? asks Ruhling who cites another reason…

    All Christians who believe the Bible should understand the last message in Revelation is a call to come out of Babylon, which may be a term for the confused systems of our society, “for by her sorceries [the Greek word is pharmakeia] were all nations deceived.” Rev 18:4,23.

    Ruhling says he went through the US Senate offices with medical literature that showed medical care as a leading cause of illness and death due to adverse drug reactions, until one senator said, You are wasting your time—they own us,” speaking of drug company donations to their re-election campaign.

    Marcia Angell, MD, editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, told 60 Minutes that Congress got $400 million a year in gifts from drug companies. The Bible said a gift blinds the eyes of the wise.

    Every nation practicing western medicine is on the brink of bankruptcy for its high cost in final months to prolong life of people who mostly didn’t adopt a positive preventive lifestyle., says Ruhling who had poor health (numerous vaccinations from his MD dad?)  but is 76 and enjoying great health since he became a vegetarian in college 60 years ago.

    Dr. Richard Ruhling offers more information on his website,

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    Thanksgiving Concern: Can God Bless America? Vote Yes & Get a Gift Ebook to Discover His Rescue Plan

  • “Righteousness exalts a nation.” A Proverb from Solomon, Israel’s wisest king.
  • Millions are concerned for America, but do not see what may be coming. Our pioneers who celebrated Thanksgiving with native Americans centuries ago gave credit to God of the Bible for this great land and it offers insight for our time.

    11-21-17  PRESCOTT AZ. Can God bless America? Dr. Richard Ruhling invites those concerned about the US moral slide, shootings and violence to vote ‘yes’ by getting a copy of God Bless America? for no charge on Thanksgiving. Why not millions of votes favoring God’s intervention for this once great country?

    “The Great Sign of Revelation 12” in the sky on September 23 was heralded by some Evangelical Christians as an omen of an impending rapture or time of judgment, but there’s another way to understand it, says Ruhling who sees the 9-month ‘pregnancy’ as pointing to an event this coming spring.  

    Ruhling’s reasons include the fact that the wedding parables all have Passover imagery. Passover was a time of judgment on Egypt. Egypt killed babies and the US has aborted 60 million. Egypt enslaved Israel, and the US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, gambling, greed, crime, sex, violence, ‘music’ etc…

    We celebrate freedom to choose our preferred form of bondage. Millions die in nursing homes without pain or brain, and “healthcare” is a leading cause of death due to prescription drugs, says Ruhling, a retired MD.

    God executed judgment on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant, later saying “I am married to you,” Jeremiah 3. “That’s the meaning of the wedding parables that some misunderstand as a rapture,” according to Ruhling.

    The wedding parables show a sudden event beyond which there is no time to get ready. The midnight cry in Matthew 25 echoes Egypt’s calamity in Exodus 12. The “knock” in Luke’s wedding parable is an earthquake because Laodicea, the lukewarm materialistic church where Christ “knocked,” ended in an earthquake.

     “The day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night; when they shall say, ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes on them, as travail* on a woman with child” in 1Thessalonians 5. *This could be an allusion to the Great Sign’s ‘pregnant’ imagery (90-second video linked above) pointing to spring, explained in God Bless America?

     The Iran Nuclear Treaty was ‘peace and safety’ and two days before the Great Sign, the UN’s International Day of Peace with this year has as its theme, “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.”

    Ruhling believes that a huge event is impending and that we need better understanding of biblical readiness… Before turkey on Thanksgiving, let’s ask God to bless America and vote ‘Yes’ by getting a copy for no-charge at where its book reviews are 4-5 stars and a free reading app is also available for pc’s.

    For those who like print copies, God Bless America? will be available to local book stores for the holidays. For more information or to schedule an interview, Dr. Ruhling may be contacted via his website at or by phone at 928-583-7543. He is available as a last minute guest, offering a 1-sheet and talking points with a pdf of his book.

    #          #          #

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    ‘Capital of Terrorism’ Has Fallen; Reflections on Religion and the Use of Force

  • “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 17
  • The use of force to compel conversion to any religion is not from God who seeks our love and does not compel or force anyone.

    Syrian forces battling the Islamic State group have taken the city of Raqqa, the seat of the ISIS caliphate, says Brig. Gen. Talal Sillo, commander for the US-backed Syrian forces. (Newser, AP)

    The city chosen by ISIS for their caliphate is phonetically linked to Raca, a word that means fool, senseless, empty-headed man, worthless, in Christ’s famous Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on current events and Bible prophecy. He offers the following comments.

    The Bible is the prophetic book of God who “declares the end from the beginning,” Isaiah 46. The fall of Raqqa is an omen of the fall of all who try to force false ideologies on others. God made us in His image and He says, “Come, let us reason together.” Isaiah 1.

    If God wanted forced worship, He would not need ISIS to do so. God is all powerful but He is also all wise, and He knows and love cannot be forced from others. The Golden Rule of treating others like we would want to be treated is how God is dealing with us.

    Christianity teaches that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes on Him may have life. His death for us, and His ascension to heaven were witnessed by men who initially ran, but later were willing to die for their faith.

    Where are the witnesses to Mohammed’s ascension? Moses (cited by Mohammed) wrote that in the mouth of two or three witnesses a matter is established, Deuteronomy 19:15. God provided the witnesses for Christ’s ascension. 

    Since witnesses to Muhammad’s ascension don’t exist, why should those without evidence want to blow everyone else up who don’t believe it? 

    Perhaps this is not fair to Muhammad who was married to Catholic Khadija and he was mentored by her uncle. This explains some similarities with Mary and Fatima prominent in both religions. The Vatican’s strategy was to drive Jews and Evangelical Christians  out of Jerusalem and turn it over the papacy, but then the Arabs reneged, so we had the “Holy Wars” to get the infidels out, as stated by Alberto Rivera, former Jesuit priest, in his book, “The Prophet.” Chick Publiiations. 

    The Vatican (a word that means ‘divining serpent,’ Google) used force to martyr 50-80 million Protestants during the Dark Ages. Most people think it couldn’t happen in this “enlightened age.”

    The genocide of a 800,000 Protestant Tutsis in Rwanda suggests otherwise. Pope Francis apologized for the role of a Catholic government under John Paul that painted the Tutsis as Communists. The UN (swarming in Kilgali) could have stopped the slaughter, but was ordered to stand down and let the local government handle it. (Search YouTube for Rwanda documentary)

    New World Order will force all so they cannot buy or sell without compliance, Revelation 13:14-17. The use of force for religion has the devil behind it as suggested by this (two postings to YouTube are no longer displayed.)

    Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author on current events and Bible prophecy. His latest book, God Bless America? is available on Amazon,

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    Rx Drugs Make Medical Care the #1 Cause of Illness & Death – It Helps Symptoms but It’s Not Healthcare

  • “Let your food be your medicine.” Hippocrates
  • Adverse Drug Reactions (properly prescribed and administered) have made medical care the leading cause of illness and death.

     “We are overlooking well-documented studies showing that adverse drug reactions are the leading cause of illness and death in the US,” says Dr. Richard Ruhling, a retired physician who was board-certified in Internal Medicine and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. He offers the following information.

    #1. The study cited by most showed 106,000 died in hospitals, and the drugs were “properly prescribed and administered.” Journal of American Med. Assoc, 4-15-98.

    This begs the question, How many died at home? 199,000, according to Western Journal of Medicine, June, 2000, p 391. It said that for every person who died, 140 were adversely affected. “Drug related problems accounted for

    • 116 million extra doctor visits
    • 76 million additional prescriptions
    • 17 million emergency visits
    • 8 million hospital admissions
    • 3 million long-term admissions
    • Total Cost Estimate: $76.6 billion

    Totaling those who died in hospitals with those dying at home = 305,000 deaths/yr.

    #2. “From 1998 through 2005, reported serious drug events increased 2.6-fold… and fatal adverse drug events increased 2.7-fold.” Archives of Internal Medicine, Sept 10 2007. That was a 7-year period, but we’ve now ~ 20 years from the above figures of 305,000. With TV drug ads approved by Congress in 1997, the underlying cause of increased drug deaths are over 2 million, more than heart disease, and this is not even addressing the opioid issue now the leading cause of death under 40.

    #3. Two thirds of deaths from heart disease are in people over 75, many of whom are in nursing homes or extended care facilities where the average number of Rx’s was nine nearly a decade ago with a trend to more. The drugs may kill them, but…

    When mom dies in a nursing home, the doctor usually signs her death certificate as died of heart disease. No autopsy is done to determine the cause of death. Who wants to know the coronaries aren’t blocked; a prescription may have caused it?

    #4. Marcia Angell, MD, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine wrote The Truth About the Drug Companies; How They Deceive Us. She told 60 Minutes that they spend $400 million yearly on Congress and re-election campaigns so that  as one senator told this author, “They own us.”

    Angell’s message is similar to the angel in Revelation 18 that says, “for by her [Babylon, a word meaning confusion] sorceries were all nations deceived.” verse 23 The Greek word for sorceries is pharmakeia, as an online concordance shows.

    2000 years before the editor of a leading medical journal said it, the Bible linked deception to pharmakeia. We could be ignorant (ignoring good information) if we aren’t intelligent on the Bible.

    The Spanish word for library is biblioteca—Bible tech. The Bible is like a library with history the most ancient, poetry and psalms, wisdom for business (proverbs) and principles for health and happiness. Matthew 24 has a forecast for what’s coming and a warning for those who don’t live to help others.

    Ruhling encourages physicians to consider early retirement and to help people see that true healthcare is based on “Let your medicine be your food.” Hippocrates

    Dr. Richard Ruhling offers a video on How to Cut Drug Bills, Feel Better and Live Longer at

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    No-Go Zones for US and How Militant Islam May Be Neutralized

  • “The vision is at the time of the end,” Daniel 8:17
  • Sharia Law may be coming to a neighborhood near you, but in the larger picture, but an ancient prophecy about “the time of the end” is half-fulfilled and offers promise of neutralizing militant Muslims. In a vision the mentions the Medes and Persians conquered by Alexander the Great, Gabriel told Daniel the vision is “at the time of the end” and Iraq (Medes) have already been defeated.

    “The jolting message contained in ‘No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You,’ is one of warning for America, which is in the process of building up its own no-go zones by making the same immigration mistakes now on full display in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.” 

    Those countries have almost daily attacks with knives or vehicles while Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic rarely have them—they barred their doors to Muslim immigration. The Bible would warn us…

    1.8 billion Muslims claim Abraham as their patriarch and they celebrate Al-Adha, a ram sacrifice because Ishmael was spared when Abraham sacrificed a ram caught in a thicket.

    The Bible has the same story, but that it was Isaac who was spared in Genesis 22. Which is the true holy book? Daniel 8 offers a convincing picture that the God of the Bible “declares the end from the beginning,” Isaiah 46. Please consider how!

    Daniel saw a vision of a ram pushing north, west and south from the River Ulai. Reference librarians say that’s now called the Karun River by Kuwait where US troops deployed against Saddam. In Daniel 8, a ram angers a goat that flies from the west to stomp the ram, breaking its horns…it was the end of the ram.

    To understand this better, one needs to remember the biblical account that Ishmael was the result of Abraham not trusting God’s promise to make him a great nation when he was childless and Sarah was near 90. So Sarah gave Abraham her handmaid to help fulfill God’s promise.

    Does God need our help? Not if it means breaking His law to do it. Ishmael was not the son of promise, but Isaac was the focus of jealousy by Ishmael, and it’s still true as militant Islam now wants to drive Israel (the son of Isaac was Israel after his name changed) into the sea.

    To spare Isaac/Israel, Daniel 8 suggests that God is going to sacrifice a militant Muslim ram. The horns on the ram are the kings of “Media and Persia” (verse 20). Those horns were broken by Alexander the Great (verse 21), but “the vision is at the time of the end” (verse 17).

    That vision is half fulfilled by the death of Saddam as a US coalition flew from the west to break the first horn on the ram. Persia (Iran) will be the biblical focus of war for “the time of the end,” not North Korea, etc.

    So does God hate Muslims? No, He loves them, but He loves Israel as well, and He will sacrifice a militant ram that can’t be satisfied with its share of the Middle East. Greed is a bad thing.

    Islam may wonder why God would allow “the Great Satan to conquer them when the US brought them alcohol, tobacco, drugs, Hollywood, crime, sex and violence on TV. These are things that the Bible condemns, but they think this is Christianity.

    Daniel 8 is not about who God favors to win, but who that He sees will win. America will have its own time of judgment soon enough. After a military victory, the US’ “horn” gets broken, verse 8.

    On the positive side, Christianity teaches our duty to love our neighbor–others who need our help–treating them as we would want if we were in their situation. More than any other religion, Christianity has elevated women towards equality in society above the abuse that is seen in so many nations.

    Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author on current events and Bible prophecy with most of the above article from his latest book, God Bless America? on Amazon/Kindle and readers can get it at not charge Saturday, September 2 at  

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    NLIHC CEO Yentel, MHARR CEO Weiss, Black Minister React to new HUD

  • “As we think about housing in today’s world, the most important aspect should start with affordability. When home ownership is affordable, it has ancillary benefits,” said Rev. Donald Tye, Jr. to
  • National Low Income Housing Coalition CEO Diane Yentel, MHARR CEO Mark Weiss, Black Minister Rev Donald Tye, Jr. React to new HUD “Worst Case Housing” Needs Report, and comments by HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson.

    The number of households experiencing this “worst case housing” has increased by 41% since 2007 and by 66% since 2001. We are experiencing an affordable housing crisis of unprecedented proportions,” says a release from Diane Yentel, President and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC).

    Yentel thinks that Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, is only partially correct in believing that public-private partnerships and relaxed regulations could fulfill the needs for more affordable rental housing.

    She said, “While fewer regulatory barriers to housing production would help in high cost markets where the rental supply is tight, the private market will never provide sufficient housing for the lowest income households.”

    Yentel wants the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) for higher wage earners to be changed, so that those dollars could pay for more federal housing programs.

    Other Options?

    Actively retired minister and businessman, Donald Tye, Jr., has a different perspective.  He wants to see ownership as the paradigm, not rental housing.

    He also points to an often overlooked option.

    As we think about housing in today’s world, the most important aspect should start with affordability.
    When home ownership is affordable, it has ancillary benefits
    ,” Rev. Tye said to MHProNews.

    Ownership builds character, competence, and integrity,” Tye said.

    One thing that is completely missed by politicians and prejudice towards manufactured housing is the tax benefit.”

    Tye and his wife raised their family in a factory-built home that was affordable. They paid it off completely in just a few years.  The home they bought in the early 1970s, located in a Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood, is now worth about 4 times its original price, per Zillow

    Other homes like Tye’s were installed next to conventional housing, which also appreciated.

    What kind of home can someone buy today with low wages?  A manufactured home,” Tye states. 

    Aware of the prejudice and bigotry toward manufactured housing, Tye sees parallels to what happened in the civil rights movement. 

    He believes their own experience disproves the common misconceptions.  It’s as important to accept manufactured homes into neighborhoods where available buildable lots exist, as it was to accept blacks into previously all white neighborhoods. 

    There goes the neighborhood,” says Tye “was a fallacy with respect to the integration of people years ago, as it is with respect to the integration of housing types” today. 

    Third-party, university-level research bears out his belief.

    Affordable homeownership builds equity instead of rental receipts, he argues.  And in time, as homes are paid off, working and middle-class Americans can afford more than they could achieve by just renting.

    Plus, Tye stresses, instead of being a tax burden, that household becomes a tax benefit to the community.

    Stars like millionaire performer Kid Rock, notes Tye, have celebrated their own manufactured home. Recent reports of billionaires who own single-section manufactured homes as a getaway may also help change outdated and flawed perceptions.

    HUD Secretary Carson

    Secretary Carson has said several times in recent weeks that home owners have an average net worth of some $200,000.  Renting households?  They only have a $5,000 average net worth, Carson said.

    While Carson has spoken favorably about manufactured homes in rural areas, he has not yet publicly commented on their use in urban settings. Yet it is his agency that has jurisdiction over federally regulated manufactured housing.

    That is something Tye and others wants to see Carson address.  More important, he wants to see that option become more available in urban and suburban settings.

    Industry CEO Weighs In

    There are steps that HUD could take today to increase the availability of safe, decent and affordable housing for American families without spending a dime of taxpayer money,” said Mark Weiss, JD.

    Weiss is the president and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), which like the NLIHC, is based in Washington, D.C.

    Studies undertaken by HUD itself, show that HUD regulated manufactured housing is the nation’s most affordable housing, surpassing even rentals” in affordability, Weiss told MHProNews.

    Weiss wants to see manufactured homes fully incorporated into HUD’s programs.  He also wants to see existing law applied. President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have both broadly said that they will “enforce the law,” and are in the “promise keeping business.”

    What Weiss wants is for precisely that to happen for manufactured housing, so that millions more can be served. Over time, that would reduce costs to taxpayers.

    Weiss laid out his bullets as follows.

    By more fully:

    • incorporating manufactured housing into all of HUD’s housing programs;
    • by advancing and facilitating the acceptance of manufactured housing within HUD and by government at all levels, as already required by law;
    • by eliminating unnecessary and non-cost-effective federal regulation; by preventing the discriminatory exclusion of manufactured housing by rogue jurisdictions, using powers already provided by existing law, and, most importantly:
    • by putting the HUD manufactured housing program under the direction of a qualified appointee, as provided by law,

    HUD could elevate and reinvigorate an existing public – private sector program capable of providing inherently affordable housing for millions of Americans at virtually no cost.”

    The full report by Soheyla Kovach on is available at this link here. ##

    (Photo caption: home in the photo is an Energy Star ™ rated manufactured home built by Sunshine Homes, Red Bay, AL. Other credits are as shown in the photo collage.)

    About LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC – DBA MHLivingNews and MHProNews. and are the leading trade publications for consumers, manufactured homeowners, MH industry leaders, investors and public policy professionals who want up-to-date lifestyle and business news.

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    Manufactured Housing Institute Lobbying Clouded by New Controversy

  • “Pay more attention to what people do than what they say,”

    – MHI award-winner, Marty Lavin

  • Manufactured Housing Institute Lobbying Clouded by New Controversy

    The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) has created its own controversy, on the eve of their much ballyhooed “Legislative Fly-In” for lobbying members of Congress in Washington, D.C.  

    Two of that manufactured home industry trade association’s senior staffers were allegedly involuntarily terminated, days prior to their event, as was first reported by the Daily Business News, at this link here.

    The Arlington, VA based trade group has removed the names of former Vice Presidents Lois Starkey, and Tom Heinemann from their staff roster, but would not answer questions as to the cause of the two departures.

    While the MHI Executive Committee members presumably know, queries to several other MHI board members and state association executives revealed that many were in the dark about the staff changes.  “I don’t know. If so, I didn’t hear. If I hear something, I will let you know,” read one email to MHProNews.

    I have not heard. As long as she’s [Lois Starkey] been there I can’t see her quitting without sending some communication out. Obviously, she was rushed out regardless,” said another message.

    Sources suggested to that Lesli Gooch – Senior VP, a Ph.D. and failed Republican candidate for Congress – demanded and got the two former MHI vice presidents’ terminations.

    There was also friction reported between MHI President, Richard A. Jennison, and VP Starkey.

    Starkey was involved in the more technical side of the federally regulated HUD Code for manufactured housing. Sources say that while work-arounds are possible, not having that kind of experience on staff for a technical role is troubling.

    Starkey also is said to have had perhaps the most total tenure with MHI, outside of their educational affiliate. 

    Some of the current VPs have only 1 to 3 years with the association.  Their president, Richard A. “Dick” Jennison, has just over 5 years with MHI. 

    Comparing those tenures to manufactured housing industry state associations, or the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), places MHI senior staff among the least experienced association people in the industry.

    Terminations – Signaling an MHI Pivot Regarding HUD? 

    Sources are also saying that under growing pressure from grassroots elements of the industry, that MHI might be relenting on asking the Trump Administration for a new administrator over the HUD’s Manufactured Housing Program.  HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson would be the agency’s top person over that department. The manufactured housing program is currently led by Pamela Beck Danner, JD.

    Commenting on Starkey, one source told MHProNews that “She [Lois] and Pamela Danner appeared to be tight. Pamela always went straight to her at any event and would generally see them leaving to go have dinner together.”

    Several industry voices have been calling for a change at the leadership of the HUD Code manufactured home program, including an MHI award-winning retailer, Doug Gorman.

    Mark Weiss, President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), MHProNews editorially, and even voices from within MHI have called for a new program administrator to replace Danner, as part of a necessary changes the industry is seeking at HUD.

    MHARR has accused HUD of being out of compliance with federal law on several issues. MHARR’s leadership has also said that MHI ‘goes along to get along’ with HUD, which hurts independent producers, perhaps to the indirect benefit of larger ones.  That Washington, D.C. based trade rival to MHI says that while they are representing HUD Code manufactured home producers, the harm being done applies to communities, retailers, suppliers, and all those who want to see the industry grow more rapidly.

    One rumor is that Starkey – who has some history with Danner – and Heinemann, who was formerly with HUD – were in part being swept away to make room for a shift on MHI policy regarding keeping or replacing Danner.  That could not be confirmed, as of publication time.

    The Fly-In Agenda’s Featured Focus Itself is Doubtful

    MHProNews has previously reported that third party research reveals that MHI’s plan for reforming Dodd-Frank is unlikely to pass. Their bill, dubbed Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing, has been through 3 prior congressional cycles, having failed to pass it each time. The most recent reports on that topic, are linked here and here.

    For the report on the two MHI terminations, along with related controversies at MHI, click the link here.

    For commentary on this incident, framed in the context of the need to reform the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), click here.

    For MHARR’s position on their call to replace Danner, click this link here. ##

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    Trade Publisher Questions ‘PC Administrations,’ Calls DOJ to Investigate Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) for Anti-Trust Allegations

  • “You would never see the NAHB, or another national trade association do,” something like that… – Titus Dare, SVP, Eagle One Financial.
  • In a report and analysis by European educated Iranian-American, Soheyla Kovach, the co-founder of and takes a surprising swipe at what she sees as politically correct presidential administrations of both major parties, along with her industry’s largest national trade body, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). 

    Kovach lays out her 15 bullets case for the need to “drain the swamp” in Washington among Democratic and Republican leaders, who she states put special-interests ahead of the good of most Americans. 

    She also alleges a variety of actions and inactions by MHI that contributed to the consolidation or closing of thousands of independent operations. 

    Kovach takes aim at Keith Olbermann, who used the pejorative “trailer park trash,” which MHI remained mute on, but which the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) strenuously objected to immediately. 

    She carefully avoids disparaging everyone at MHI, and notes that most of their members and thousands of non-member independents are good, honest business professionals. She also notes that others in the industry – including MHI members – have raised similar concerns, as has Doug Ryan with consumer advocacy group, CFED

    Kovach cites Frank Rolfe calling out MHI’s “hypocrisy,” and notes that Rolfe pointed out how the prior MHI chairman was being sued by his own customers.  

    While using the phrase, “allegation,” she documents and links numerous concerns, including a claim that a number of attorneys they contacted about MHI practices thought there could be grounds for a RICO and other legal suits. 

    She states that 1.5 million jobs could be created in about 5 years, by following existing law, citing the need for the Trump Administration to fully implement Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000. 

    Kovach’s blunt, colorful, fact-laced 15 point analysis is linked here.  ##

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name:
    Contact Person: L.A.’Tony’ Kovach
    Phone No: 8632134090
    Address: 4210 Arietta Lane
    City: Lakeland
    State: Florida
    Website Url: