Thanksgiving Concern: Can God Bless America? Vote Yes & Get a Gift Ebook to Discover His Rescue Plan

  • “Righteousness exalts a nation.” A Proverb from Solomon, Israel’s wisest king.
  • Millions are concerned for America, but do not see what may be coming. Our pioneers who celebrated Thanksgiving with native Americans centuries ago gave credit to God of the Bible for this great land and it offers insight for our time.

    11-21-17  PRESCOTT AZ. Can God bless America? Dr. Richard Ruhling invites those concerned about the US moral slide, shootings and violence to vote ‘yes’ by getting a copy of God Bless America? for no charge on Thanksgiving. Why not millions of votes favoring God’s intervention for this once great country?

    “The Great Sign of Revelation 12” in the sky on September 23 was heralded by some Evangelical Christians as an omen of an impending rapture or time of judgment, but there’s another way to understand it, says Ruhling who sees the 9-month ‘pregnancy’ as pointing to an event this coming spring.  

    Ruhling’s reasons include the fact that the wedding parables all have Passover imagery. Passover was a time of judgment on Egypt. Egypt killed babies and the US has aborted 60 million. Egypt enslaved Israel, and the US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, gambling, greed, crime, sex, violence, ‘music’ etc…

    We celebrate freedom to choose our preferred form of bondage. Millions die in nursing homes without pain or brain, and “healthcare” is a leading cause of death due to prescription drugs, says Ruhling, a retired MD.

    God executed judgment on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant, later saying “I am married to you,” Jeremiah 3. “That’s the meaning of the wedding parables that some misunderstand as a rapture,” according to Ruhling.

    The wedding parables show a sudden event beyond which there is no time to get ready. The midnight cry in Matthew 25 echoes Egypt’s calamity in Exodus 12. The “knock” in Luke’s wedding parable is an earthquake because Laodicea, the lukewarm materialistic church where Christ “knocked,” ended in an earthquake.

     “The day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night; when they shall say, ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes on them, as travail* on a woman with child” in 1Thessalonians 5. *This could be an allusion to the Great Sign’s ‘pregnant’ imagery (90-second video linked above) pointing to spring, explained in God Bless America?

     The Iran Nuclear Treaty was ‘peace and safety’ and two days before the Great Sign, the UN’s International Day of Peace with this year has as its theme, “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.”

    Ruhling believes that a huge event is impending and that we need better understanding of biblical readiness… Before turkey on Thanksgiving, let’s ask God to bless America and vote ‘Yes’ by getting a copy for no-charge at where its book reviews are 4-5 stars and a free reading app is also available for pc’s.

    For those who like print copies, God Bless America? will be available to local book stores for the holidays. For more information or to schedule an interview, Dr. Ruhling may be contacted via his website at or by phone at 928-583-7543. He is available as a last minute guest, offering a 1-sheet and talking points with a pdf of his book.

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    Publisher: IngramSpark / Total Health Publications
    Contact Richard Ruhling * 928-583-7543 *

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  • We have your solution to your challenges on the scale!
  • Elite Weight Loss announces new Sizzle Me Skinny

    SIZZLE ME SKINNY by Elite Weight Loss 

    New Advanced Weight Loss Formula


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    New Curve Bee Pollen released!

  • Testimonies are pouring in !
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    No Need to Endure More Tantrums of Your Wife as Cryo Therapy Will Bring You Back to Action.

  • The two most painful things in my life are arthritis and joint pains.
  • Summary:Recently had a surgery and your surgeon advised a cold therapy treatment. Check out which product is best suited for you.

    Pain is the only thing that never leaves us and makes our life agonising. There are several types of pain we face but joint pains are probably the most agonising conditions that we face in our life time. Now, parting ways with a friend is easy but to bid adieu to the joint pain is something next to impossible. Thus, you need all the care and treatment procedure you can get to get relieve from the pain in the joints.

    The cold therapy has always been revered as one of the most effective treatment procedures in joint pain. Well, even our body joints need to chill sometimes. But the question is how can you get the most effective cold therapy for your joints? Now, burying yourself under the ice is not the therapy that you require for your aching joints; so you need something smarter which will provide you with all the relief that you need.

    Thus, you need to avail the cryo cuffs for soothing your aching joints. Why use cryo cuffs? Cryo cuffs are effective treatment in the treatment of joint pain because it keeps the area around your aching joint compressed while circulating the ice cold water uniformly throughout the area around the joint thereby providing uniform cooling effect across the inflamed joint and ensuring maximum relieve.

    Although it may feel to get rid of the joint in order to get relief but start using cryo cuffs instead, and get faster recovery without having to lose an important body part. Now there are several brands of cryo cuffs available and it is too hard to choose the perfect one.  Choosing your favourite car is much easier than choosing a cryo cuff. Thus, we have selected some brands for you which are revered across the globe for their efficient use:

    1. Aircast:

    Aircast cryo cuffs are more popular than any celebrity to the people witnessing joint pain. The cryo-therapy products sold by these brands are widely used by people throughout the world due to the relief it provides to patients. The Aircast cryo cuffs are available for treating the knee joints, shoulder joints, ankles and waist. These products can be distinguished into two different types: Cryo cuff with cooler (Non-motorised) known as gravity cooler and cryo cuff with IC cooler (motorised). No matter what type of cuff you are using, all of them are compatible and can be used with any type of aircast cooler.

    Aircast has perfected the way it creates compression on different body parts by using an IC cooler. It has only one tube from where the cold water can flow in and out of the cuff, then the question arises how it can keep the intermittent compression going?

    The answer lies in the double walled cuffs from aircast. As you switch on the motor which is hidden in the lid of the cooler, the water flows through the cuff to provide the cold effect. To create compression on the body part air is pumped into the outer walls of the cuff which creates an intermittent compression helping in patient’s recovery process by using dual method of cold compression.   

    Aircast cryo cuff systems are for the masses and priced competitively. Please refer to the chart below.  

    2. Donjoy:

    Like Aircast brand Donjoy has 2 types of coolers classic and IceMan. Donjoy is one of the best manufacturers of efficient cryo cuffs that help to reduce the pain in the joints. The name of this brand has Joy in it thus you totally trust on the well crafted cuffs of this renowned company. The cryo cuffs are designed from an engageable hook material which can be easily wrapped around the inflamed area to keep it under pressure while providing the cold therapy. The cryo cuffs from Donjoy are available in all sizes for knee, shoulder and ankle; moreover, they are highly convenient to use due to the lightweight of the material and its flexibility.

    Unlike Aircast Donjoy coolers have 2 tubes which pump water in and out of the cuff. It is easy to attach Donjoy cooler with the pad by using easy to plug and play technology.A semi-closed loop recirculation system is used by Donjoy which is patented and makes it different from its competition. IceMan cooler boasts of delivering the most accurate, steady and uniform temperature over a period of time. To back it up it also has a temperature gauge.

    The major difference between IceMan and classic cooler is: iceman has clear walls with a temperature gauge whereas capacity to carry more water lies with the classic cooler. The other major difference is the pricing with IceMan holding a clear edge on price.

    3. Breg System:

    The cryo cuffs are the most versatile as well as convenient offerings in Breg’s cold therapy line of products. These cryo cuffs are very easy to use due to their compact design and that is the reason why these cryo cuffs are widely used by the patients witnessing joint aches at home, clinics or hospitals. What makes it more likeable for the customers is that it can be used for availing cold therapy for a long period of time like 6-8 hours with just an initial fill of icy water. The products are highly popular among the patients and are widely used by the people across the world. The superior design of these cuffs make helps them to cover the entire area thus provides maximum cooling effect. Other than few minor problems, the Breg cryo cuffs are absolutely reliable for efficient use.

    An overview of the brands and a chart to compare:



    Sizes and Types available

    Price Range (CDN)





    1.Highly efficient.

    2.Covers the total area and provides uniform effect.

    3.Made from comfortable material

    4.High convenience of use

    5.Available for knee, waist, ankle and shoulder joint.

    1.      Available in all sizes.

    2.      Have two different types

    • Non motorised cryo cuff

    With cooler

    • Motorised cryo cuff with

    IC cooler


    $185 to $250





    1.With a hose stirrup, it is convenient to use.

    2.Can easily control the temperature.

    3.You can obtain prolonged cold therapy as

    It comes in larger size.

    4.Ability to lock lid for 2 sides.


    6.The water stays cold for 8 long hours.


    1.      The storage box has a

    standardized size.

    2.      Cuffs are available in all sizes.

    3.      Have two different types:

                                       ·          Cold therapy unit

    with pads from Donjoy.

                                       ·          Cold therapy unit

    without pads from


    Ranging from

     $292 to $410.





    1.      Consistent in providing custom tailored 

    temperature control.

    2.      Covers maximum area.

    3.      Easy to use.

    4.      The best moisturized treatments ranging

             From 6 to 8hours.

    5.      100% effective and guaranteed relief.

    6.      Available for hip, ankle, shoulder and knee.

    1.      All sizes are available.

    2.      Have one type:

              ·   Cold Therapy system.


    $290 to $340


    Pure some diesel to your old parts and get relief from pain by using cryo cuffs.  There are wide options available in the market, all you need is to perfect pad for the appropriate area and gets your engine running smoothly.

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    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Sandy
    Phone No: 1-877-333-4111
    Address: #5 2185 Wilson Ave
    City: Port Coquitlam
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    Murder for Me by Russell Little Part of Kindle Direct Promotion for Labor Day Weekend

  • “I want people to enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it,”
  • Summary:Russell Little’s debut novel, Murder for Me, launched July 9, 2016, is FREE Kindle download on Labor Day weekend.

    Houston, TX: Russell Little’s debut novel, Murder for Me, launched on July 9, 2016, is free on Amazon just in time for Labor Day weekend. The Kindle promotion runs from September 1 through September 5, 2016. Little’s mystery thriller follows the journey of Larry Lamb, a mediocre attorney with a failed marriage, and Marilyn, a woman accused of a sensational murder. The story, told in Russell’s compelling voice, is full of twists and turns and guaranteed to keep you guessing until the end.

     “I want people to enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it,” Russell says. “The long Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to read my book.” The book is currently available for free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

    About Russell Little

    Russell Little, born in Amarillo, Texas, the third of four children of David and Maurine Little has always been a storyteller. His father, a watch repairman, loved to talk about how Russell, even as a small boy always had a story to share with anyone and everyone he met. His natural talent to spin a good yarn served him well during high school.

    After high school Russell went on to receive his B.A. in Finance from Texas Tech University in 1980 after attending 4 other undergraduate schools including Amarillo College, University of South Dakota, West Texas State University and the University of Texas.  He received a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law in May 1983.

    Right after law school graduation Russell married Melinda Jones and then began practicing law in Houston, Texas, Melinda’s hometown. The Little’s have three adult children:  Katie, Will, and David. Russell still lives in Houston with his wife.

    To follow Russell’s blog, go to:

    To reach Russell Little or to schedule an interview, contact publicist Sandy Lawrence at 281.989.8892

    Follow Russell on Facebook at

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