August 10, 2016 (DENVER, Colorado) – State-of-the-art dredging equipment is putting Denver-based Shell Dredging at the forefront of the global toxic mercury remediation initiative in terms of environmental impact and cost-effectiveness. 

Shell Dredging, whose placer mining and dredging operations date back more than 50 years, remains a leader in mercury remediation and has spent years developing cutting-edge equipment that not only removes harmful mercury from waterways, but does so in such a way that preserves the environment without the risk of further contamination by the equipment itself or harm to the people operating it. 

Mercury is a naturally occurring heavy metal that was once used throughout the world in gold processing and to assist with the extraction of gold and other heavy metals.  It’s a harmful toxin that can have a severe and massive environmental impact on fish and the humans who consume those fish. People exposed to elevated levels of mercury may experience health problems, ranging from rashes to birth defects or, in cases of extreme poisoning, death. 

Shell Dredging uses its revolutionary 15-inch jet suction dredge to safely and effectively eliminate mercury and other poisonous contaminants from any water body, ensuring the long-term health of rivers and streams. 

“This new technology allows us to extract all the mercury without touching it at all,” says Shell Dredging Founder Richard (R.E.) Shell. “Our dredge digs down to the bedrock. We dig (the mercury) out, extract the heavy materials, and then we deposit the tailings behind the dredge. When we’re done, you can’t even tell we’ve been there.” 

Shell’s dredges use only water, gravity and vibration—not chemicals—to process 400 yards of material per hour to recover the harmful mercury. All of Shell’s dredges are electrical, not hydraulic. There is no opportunity for oil to leak out and enter the environment. 

Once collected, the mercury is deposited into a stainless steel container and moved to a sealed area into hazardous material containers. From there, a waste company or a precious metals refinery can dispose of the mercury safely. There is no human exposure. 

Shell Dredging’s proprietary technology and equipment has also been celebrated for the unintentional benefits to area wildlife. “Because the dredge digs to bedrock, we end up aerating the riverbed making it friendlier for the fish,” According to Shell. 

Shell says his dredges have cleaned up waterways across North America, but there are many countries around the world—particularly in areas where gold was mined using mercury—that would benefit from working with Shell Dredging. 

“Our technology remove mercury very effectively, and our process is extremely efficient and clean. There are no external moving parts; we do everything by the science of hydrology.  Our dredges produce a great volume of material at a very low cost. The Shell dredge moves the material one time in a continuous process. That sets our technology apart from other standard mining equipment.” 

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